Huge twists awaits in Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai


Kavya has planned so much to marry Rajveer. She was threatening Gitanjali about Rishabh’s life. She did not know she will lose her mum in the fight. She tells Gitanjali that its her responsibility to save her brother’s life. Gitanjali asks Kavya to stop Munshi from killing Rishabh. Kavya was jealous of Gitanjali. She used to think everyone ignores her, and Gitanjali gets all the attention. She is angry that Rajveer likes Gitanjali, not her.

Kavya is forcibly getting married to Rajveer. Its Kavya’s haldi ceremony. She gets worried and tells Rajveer that Choti Maa/Ratna is nowhere in the haveli. She asks Kalyani where is her mum, where did she hide her. She finds Choti Maa’s earrings and looks for her. They get a huge shock seeing Choti Maa dead. Kavya cries for her mum. Rajveer consoles Kavya. Kavya’s happiness shatters. Kavya doubts on Kalyani for murdering Choti Maa, as Kalyani got to know about Bhavani and Ratna’s illegitimate affair.

On the other hand, Gitanjali runs to the jungle. Gitanjali gets attacked by Abhimanyu’s lookalike. There will be more suspense. Gitanjali sees Abhimanyu and his lookalike together, and gets a shock.



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