Neil to threaten Neela in Naamkarann


Neil meets Neela in between his marriage function. Neil says I got to know entire truth, why you and your daughter has come here to take revenge. Neela gets worried. Neil says I know your daughter is Avni, I can arrest her and put her behind bars for fraud. Neela asks Neil why is he getting his frustration out on her. Neil knows Ananya is Avni. He feels she is a criminal. Neil threatens Neela. Neela does not get scared and asks him to go ahead. She asks why is he talking big, if he has uniform on his side, he can go and arrest Avni. Riya is caught by Hetal. Riya gets to know Dayavanti’s truth.

Riya realized her self-identity. Hetal does not want Riya to marry Neil, if Riya is not happy. Hetal does not want to sacrifice Riya’s happiness for Dayavanti’s selfish motives. Neil waits for his bride Riya. Hetal locks Riya in the room and tells her that she will swap the bride, she will make Ananya marry Neil. Neil has no idea about bride swapping. Neela gets angry on Neil for threatening about ruining Avni’s life. She feels Neil should know entire truth of Dayavanti. Will Neela get Neil and Avni married to secure Avni’s future? Keep reading.


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