Dadi to limit Naira’s dreams in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


    Dadi wants some peace at home and called Brahmans. Dadi keeps Brahma bhoj at home and asks Naira to cook for all the Brahmans. Naira is upset as Kartik is going on the official trip. Kartik and Naira have an argument. She gets tea for him to end his annoyance. She asks him where will he go in annoyance, he has no Maayka like her. He says I m going for work, not by any annoyance. He tells her that he just wanted to help her, nothing else. He gets angry with her. Kartik leaves from home. She runs after him and gives him an icecream to cool his anger.

    Later on, Naira sends him audio message asking him to come on video chat after his meeting, till she sees his face, she won’t go to sleep. Suwarna hears Naira’s sweet message and smiles. Naira expects him to reply soon. She goes to cook the food and is diverted thinking of Kartik.

    Naira gets busy talking to some dance group members. Naira has to prepare for her dance performance. Brahmans walk in the house. They see the dancers and get annoyed. Dadi feels there would be some problem because of Naira. Naira manages everything well and surprises Dadi. Naira explains the Brahmans. They ask her to purify the house. Naira purifies the house by putting Gangajal. She makes them sit and serves the desi ghee food. Brahmans bless Naira. Suwarna and Surekha give gifts to the Brahmans.

    Dadi gets glad when Brahmans happily bless them and like the food cooked by Naira. Naira gets tired by the day’s work, and waits for Kartik’s call. Naira wants to dance and fulfill Akshara’s dream, but Dadi does not permit Naira. Dadi asks her to stay as Goenkas’ daughter-in-law, not Singhania’s daughter. Will Dadi change her mind seeing Naira’s efforts? Keep reading.


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