Gulguli to take Choudhary’s place in Ghulaam


Rangeela has become a rebel. Rangeela and Veer’s tiffs will be seen. Rangeela wants to change Berahampur towards better prospective. Meanwhile, Gulguli is worried thinking who will manage Berahampur. Veer tells Gulguli that he is with her always. Gulguli sits on the swing and wears Choudhary’s shawl. Veer asks her why did she sit in swing. Gulguli is in shock that Choudhary is no more. She doubts on her children to be behind Choudhary’s death. She thinks to teach a lesson to her children and not give the throne to anyone.

Veer can’t see Gulguli getting powers. He says just Choudhary’s heir will sit here, I m the heir. Pratap says none can move my mum from this place. Gulguli can’t be away from her children, but much annoyance has come in between. She does not hate her children. Veer opposes Gulguli. Pratap points gun at Veer and says I will forget you are my brother, if you try to get hold of the throne. Gulguli does not want to let Veer rule, doubting he is the one who has killed Choudhary.

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