Sameera to embarrass Modis in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Sameera shocks the Modis in her Mu dikhai rasam. She gets dressed in a traditional lahenga. The ladies see Sameera’s face and bless her. Ricky says my wife is very beautiful, you will be shocked seeing her. The rasam goes on, when Sameera’s brother starts performing in the function. He asks Sameera to come for the dance. Sameera removes her ghunghat and throws her traditional dress away. She dances with him. Everyone gets shocked seeing Sameera in a short dress. Sameera’s act makes them ashamed. The ladies ask does anyone dance so badly in Mu dikhai rasam, Ricky’s wife is very modern, it’s so shameful to see her. Sameera gets Modis insulted.

Sameera creates a drama to take revenge from Kokila. Sameera gets the champagne bottle and drinks with Ricky. Kokila gets angry seeing them. The ladies taunt Sameera. Sameera says we are celebrating function our way, what’s your problem. Kokila thanks guests for coming and ends the function. Kokila has burnt her designer clothes. She has become happy seeing Kokila angry. She burns her lahenga in front of everyone. She also blames Kokila for domestic violence.

Kokila says I have never done injustice with anyone, I have always done justice and respected my bahus. She tells how far she went to protect her bahus, when her sons did injustice with her bahus, she has taken bahus’ side, Sameera wants to scare her of domestic violence. Kokila warns Sameera, that she will end the game which Sameera started. She makes it certain that Sameera will lose, and Kokila will win. Ricky congratulates Sameera for shaking up Modi family. He feels proud of her.


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