Bhavya to use Rudra for her motives in Dil Boley Oberoi


Rudra falls for Bhavya. She looks simple and very sensitive. Some goons have come to rob the wedding house. Bhavya stops them. She is seen fearless. Rudra looks for Bhavya, while she teaches all the goons a lesson of lifetime. Her superwoman avatar is witnessed. Rudra gets scared knowing about the goons. He misses his brothers and cries like a kid. He does not want any action in life. He fears to die so young, as he did not have any love in his life till now. Bhavya arrests the goons. She turns out to be an ACP.

Bhavya hides the fact that she is a police officer. Bhavya joins her friend and acts to be scared. Rudra boasts of himself in front of Bhavya. He tells her that he has beaten all the gang members alone, when police could not do anything. Bhavya understands his lies. Bhavya attends her senior’s call and tells about Rudra. She says we needed some foolish person like him. She includes Rudra in her mission. Will Rudra figure out Bhavya’s truth? Keep reading.


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