Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Swabhimaan: Karan is missing Naina. Karan sits in the temple and shares his feelings with Lord. He says whatever I got till now in life was more bad and less good, even then I did not complain, I have felt bad, today I m feeling worse as Naina has gone away. He says Naina had to be with me, Kunal is saying I m in love with Naina, I can’t love Naina or anyone else, Naina is my good friend, because of my allergy, I can never love anyone. Meghna does not want Naina to stay with Karan. It’s difficult for Naina to stay away from Karan. Karan and Naina would be realizing love by this distance.

Devanshi: Devanshi keeps the long fasts to keep up the belief of the villagers in the Goddess. Vardaan tries hard to stop Devanshi from this madness. He asks her not to encourage people’s blind belief by listening to their wishes. Devanshi falls weak by the fasts. Doctor advises her to break her fast, else it would be risky for her life. Devanshi continues her fasts. Vardaan worries for Devanshi and also keeps the fasts along with her. Menka uses her charm and breaks Vardaan’s fasts, by feeding him the food. Kusum Sundari gets a good opportunity to get Menka closer to Vardaan, when Devanshi is busy in her devotional fasts.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Anjali asks Vikram to give her alimony. She asks Vikram for his house and property. Vikram’s family comes to stay with Bharadwaj family and tells how Anjali has snatched everything from Vikram. Piyush and Simar are shocked to know Anjali’s step. Pari and Khushi taunt that they have to bear Agarwal family expenses now. Mata ji asks Vikram not to worry, as he is their son in law. Mata ji scolds Pari. There is much tension going on. Mata ji asks Vikram and his family to stay till he wants.

Shakti: Harman nabs the man in whose murder case he was convicted. He gets the man home and asks Harak Singh is he shocked to see this man. He confronts Harak Singh for framing his own son in the false murder case. The man asks Harak to save him. Harman asks Harak did he identify the man. Harman tells them that Soumya and anyone else did not did this, its Harak who has done this. He defends Soumya, when Preeto blames Soumya for the crime. Harman calls the police and gives away the man. Harman asks Harak why did he do this. Harak justifies himself and says you forgot your parents, your loving mum, all because of Soumya.


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