Dadi to withdraw Naira’s dreams in Yeh Rishta…


Naira gets a surprise when her dance academy gets permission from ministry of cultural affairs. Naksh reminds her that she has applied for the permission. He tells her that they have completed all the formalities. Naitik asks her to win a certificate by participating in a cultural arts contest. Naira decides to fulfill Akshara’s dreams. She tells them that she will inform Kartik and Goenkas for her achievement. Naira informs Dadi and everyone about the dance program. She wants to get the certificate to open her dance academy.

Dadi restrains Naira from performing in any event. Naira tells Dadi that Akshara had dreamt this for her. Dadi tells her that some dreams break after marriage. She talks rudely with Naira. Naira shatters. Suwarna supports Naira. Naira is sure that she will convince Dadi. Suwarna and Surekha ask Naira not to go to Dadi at this time. Naira tries to convince Dadi by her talk. Dadi calls Naira wrong. Dadi stays firm on her decision.

Kartik saves Akhilesh from Manish’s anger. Akhilesh defends Manish and tells Kartik how worried Manish is. Kartik asks him not to give much importance to Manish. Manish hears Kartik’s bitterness. Kartik does not feel respecting Manish. He still holds much dislike for Manish in his heart. Manish hopes working together may change Kartik’s perception towards him.


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