Gopi’s injury to help Jaggi recover in Saathiya


Jaggi imagines a romantic moment with Gopi. Gopi and Jaggi have a dance in the rains. Jaggi experiences happiness. Jaggi hopes his dream comes true and he gets fine soon. Jaggi tells Gopi that he got bored staying in room. He asks her to take him outside. Jaggi helps her. They have cute moments. Jaggi cleans dust off her face. Gopi is happy seeing Jaggi’s concern. Gopi asks Jaggi to wait, she will just come. Gopi leaves from his room. Gopi sees the oil fallen on the floor. She spots Sameera coming and calls her out to stop. Sameera has ear plugs on and does not hear Gopi.

Gopi pushes Sameera away and saves her life. But, Gopi loses balance and falls down the stairs. Gopi screams. Jaggi hears her and comes out of his room on wheelchair. He gets a shock seeing Gopi wounded and bleeding. He calls out the family members to come and see Gopi. No one comes to help Gopi in need. Miracle happens when Jaggi clubs his inner strength and leaves behind all his weaknesses. Jaggi asks Gopi not to worry, he will do something. Jaggi walks on his feet and goes to Gopi. He leaves the wheelchair. He lifts Gopi and takes her to hospital. He realizes he has got fine and is standing on his feet. Jaggi recovers as his illness fails in front of Gopi’s love.


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