Ishita to protect Adi and Ruhi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Roshni has given a statement against Adi and Bhallas. She tells inspector that she is still Adi’s wife. Adi and Ishita ask Roshni to speak up truth. Adi does not let Roshni leave. Adi gets arrested by police, while Roshni leaves with her mum. Ishita and Raman are upset seeing Roshni breaking their trust badly. Mani decides to take Aaliya home. Ishita stops Mani. Mani does not want to listen to Adi. Aaliya tells Mani that she will stay back with Bhallas. Inspector asks Raman to get Adi’s innocence proof and free him. Aaliya worries seeing Adi taken away. Aaliya gets angry on Roshni and Gagan. Ishita can’t believe Roshni has cheated them. Adi and Aaliya’s new life faces problems because of Roshni’s lie.

Raman and Ishita go to meet the judge and get annulment papers. Judge meets them after amking them wait for hours. He refuses to know anything about Adi’s annulment. He lies and asks inspector to kick Raman Bhalla out. Ishita asks Raman to calm down. Aaliya realizes Adi is trapped. Ishita meets Adi and asks him to keep courage, they are trying to get him bailed out. Adi worries for proving himself true.

Meanwhile, trouble rings the bell at Bhalla house. The NGO women protest against Adi. Ruhi gets into an argument with the ladies. She defends Adi. The ladies angrily catch Ruhi and beat her up. Ashok wants Adi and entire Bhalla family to get strictly punished. Ishita comes to rescue Ruhi.


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