Naamkarann – Neil-Avni to marry


Dayavanti gets Riya home. Avni does not want injustice to happen with Riya. Riya gets upset and does not want to marry. Avni comes to talk to her. She asks Riya what does she want, knowing her family is using her. She tells Riya that Neil does not love her. Riya tells Avni that she wants to live her life. She shows her wounds to Avni and tells how Dayavanti has hurt her. She tells Avni that just Amol matters to Dayavanti. She says Dayavanti can sacrifice anyone for Amol. She tells Dayavanti arranged fake passport for herself and Amol. Neil sends a fake pandit, to have a fake marriage with Riya. He does not want to marry Riya, knowing Riya does not love him. He has heard Dayavanti’s motives. He wants to help Avni, so that Avni does not take laws in hand. He wants to protect Riya and Avni from Dayavanti. He wants to fake the marriage only to find Dayavanti’s truth.

Neil wants to keep his promise to Fatima. Dayavanti welcomes Neil for the marriage. Neil tells Neela that he knows Avni’s entire truth. Neela gets a shock. Neil threatens to arrest Avni. Neela tells him that he does not want to let Avni go away, he is in love with Avni. She thanks him for protecting Avni. She knows Neil is alerting her so that Avni gets a chance to get saved. She says you are afraid Avni can do something wrong. She tells him Avni is innocent. Avni recalls Dayavanti’s bitterness. She can’t lose her brother to Dayavanti. She points the gun at Dayavanti to stop her from running away. Dayavanti makes a plan to go away with Amol.

Avni takes the wedding rounds with Neil. They take the seven vows of wedding. Avni feels sorry to break Neil’s trust and cheat him. She knows she can’t keep the marriage vows. She has to take revenge from Dayavanti. She has taken this step towards her revenge motives.


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