Naina learns Karan’s feelings in Swabhimaan


Karan is missing Naina. Karan sits in the temple and shares his feelings with Lord. He says whatever I got till now in life was more bad and less good, even then I did not complain, I have felt bad, today I m feeling worse as Naina has gone away. He says Naina had to be with me, Kunal is saying I m in love with Naina, I can’t love Naina or anyone else, Naina is my good friend, because of my allergy, I can never love anyone. Meghna does not want Naina to stay with Karan. It’s difficult for Naina to stay away from Karan. Karan and Naina would be realizing love by this distance.

Karan is annoyed with Lord as he has no right to fall in love or have any relation. He says the person who has no right to become a husband can’t think to have any relation by heart, I can’t become a good husband, I have no right to dream, I m foolish to think of Naina. Naina sees Karan talking to Lord. She smiles knowing he is missing her. She teases him and talks as Lord. She calls him foolish to waste time in temple, he should go to lawn and meet his friend, she is waiting for them there. Karan gets a shock thinking how is Lord talking to him. He leaves from the temple and goes to meet Naina.


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