Naira and Kartik’s fairy tale romance next in Yeh Rishta…


Kirti asks Aditya not to bother her by calls, else he will be facing Manish’s wrath. Aditya wonders how did Kirti get courage to scold him. He thinks to trouble Manish in business. Kirti calls Naksh and tells Naira’s matter. She asks Naksh to help Naira as his responsibility to support Naira did not end yet. Naksh thanks Kirti for her concern. Naksh tells Naitik that Kartik’s Dadi did not agree to support Naira. Naitik gets upset knowing Dadi’s decision. He goes to talk to Goenkas and make them support Naira in fulfilling her dreams. Naira stops Naitik from meeting Dadi. She wants to earn Dadi’s permission on her own. Kartik gets to hear Naira’s problem. Kartik tries to convince Dadi.

Kartik and Naira’s fairy tale romance will be seen again. Kartik and Naira don the avatars of Aladin and Jasmin. Kartik has lost his heart again. He has fallen in love with Naira again. He gets struck by her mesmerizing beauty. He loses himself in her eyes. Kartik showers love on her. Naira stuns him by her Jasmin look. Naira daydreams about Kartik. Kartik has gone on a work trip. They had a fight and were not talking till Kartik left. They talk on a video call. They end their annoyance.


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