Suraj’s insecurities to get high in Udaan


Suraj gets jealous seeing Chakor with Ajay. Ragini fills his ears. Ajay holds Chakor’s hands and talks to her. Chakor tells Ajay that she will meet him and talk about Vivaan and Ragini’s moves. Suraj thinks something is going on between Chakor and Ajay. His insecurities make him reach Chakor. He does not let Chakor go without listening to him. He has many questions in mind. Suraj and Chakor’s romance will be seen. He tells her that he loves her a lot, their divorce happened recently and she has given his place to someone else, but he can’t tolerate this.

Chakor asks him did he go mad to think nonsense. She gets away from him. She asks him to leave, as her parents would be coming home. Suraj says there is still time for your parents to come, why are you surprised seeing me, was anyone else coming, what’s your friendship scene with Ajay. Chakor bites his hand to teach him a lesson. He says you are still a wild cat. She clears the matter that there is nothing between her and Ajay.

Suraj is not able to control his emotions. He has seen Chakor with Ajay together at the haveli. He asks Chakor why is she meeting Ajay. Chakor says I m meeting Ajay every day as I want to free the village from the gun factory. She tells him what’s her intentions against Vivaan and Ragini. She explains only inspector Ajay can help them. Suraj offers her help. She refuses to take his help. Suraj gets angered and leaves from her house. Chakor realizes Suraj’s jealousy and gets angered on him, thinking of his relation with Imli.


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