High Five Spoilers

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Saathiya: Gopi gets admitted in the hospital. Kokila doubts Sameera is behind Gopi’s state. Kokila and Urmila come home. Kokila scolds Sameera. She says Gopi is fighting between life and death, you are responsible for all this, I will not leave you, Gopi will get conscious soon, if Gopi names Sameera, then I will not leave Sameera. Kokila is too angered. Sameera accepts her mistake. She tells Kokila that if Gopi did not fall, she would have fallen in that state. She says Gopi has saved me from falling. Sita answers a call from hospital. She tells everyone that Gopi is getting better. Sameera does not have sympathy with anyone.


Marich has swapped Shivdutt and Virendra 25 years ago. Marich’s planning has changed everyone’s fate. Virendra’s mum tried to stop him. Marich runs away with Virendra. She got a shock and could not even shout. Shivdutt is Marich’s son. Virendra’s mum will be getting her voice back. She comes out of coma after 25 years. Virendra is leading a poor life because of Marich’s conspiracy. Chandrakanta and Virendra have fallen in love, but they both are scared to confess their love because of their bad fates.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Raj and Rani do the ritual in the temple. He lifts Rani and walks to the temple barefoot. Rani asks him to put her down if he feels she is heavy. She wants to keep an eye on Vikramjeet and Preeti, who are also doing the ritual. Vasundara has planned this ritual. Rani does not know what is Vikramjeet planning. Raj loves her and is ready to give any test. Vikramjeet breaks the bottle in Raj’s way to stop him. Raj walks over the glass pieces. Raj’s feet bleeds. Raj does not tell Rani about his pain. He completes the ritual.


Arjun makes his mind to come back to Maya. Maya and Arjun get happiness by the baby twist. Arjun tells Maya that he has got all the baby toys. Maya also does the preparations to welcome their baby. Maya asks him will baby like the room. Arjun says surely, as I have also liked the room. Maya and Arjun are soon going to welcome their baby. Maya is very happy. Maya and Arjun will be uniting with the leap. They both are protective about the baby. Arjun trusts Maya more now. Vandana feels Maya has changed. She sees Maya and Arjun happy. She says the feeling to become a mother changes every woman, now I m relieved seeing them.


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