Kunal-Meghna to emotionally support Karan in Swabhimaan


Kunal comes to Karan and wants to lighten his heart. Karan asks Kunal to say for what he has come. He does not have habit to see Karan in his room. He says I don’t know how to react. Kunal apologizes to him for his mistake. Karan taunts him. Kunal does not care of his bitterness. He says dad always praised me and you would have felt bad, but I knew mom has always loved you, because of your illness, I should have become your strength, I always made fun of you, I failed to do a brother’s duty. Kunal thinks Karan has made Naina away from him by his wish. He asks Karan to forgive him. He sees Karan missing Naina.

Kunal tells Karan that he is doing right now. Karan asks him not to apologize to count his mistakes. He asks Kunal not to make him feel helpless. He gets annoyed seeing Kunal pitying him. He hides his love from Kunal. Kunal says its true, you love Naina, you lied to even Meghna that you don’t regard Naina as your wife. Karan denies his feelings. Kunal says I did not know my brother lies, I have seen you worried for Naina’s rashes, you just wanted her to get fine.


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