Neil to buy Mehta house in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Neil plans a surprise for Avni, just like she has surprised him by marrying him without letting him know about it. Neil has faked the marriage by the fake pandit, but he did not imagine Avni would be sitting in the bride’s place. Avni and Neela witness the house auction on the next day of marriage. Dayavanti’s house is getting auctioned. Aman gets angry and throws all the chairs and tables. He loses his temper. Ketan stops Aman. Aman can’t see his grandmum worried. He tries hard to stop the auction.

Dayavanti asks everyone to leave from the house. She asks Ketan to kick out everyone. Dayavanti turns mad. Police arrests Dayavanti and Aman to control them. Neil changes the game, and buys Mehta house, which Avni wanted to buy. Avni and Ali get surprised. Avni had planned that Neela will buy the house. Neil bids a higher amount and wins the house. Neil and Avni will be staying together, even if Avni cheated him and married. There will be love clashes between them. Ali as a friend, supports Avni.


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