Sameera to face Kokila-Sita’s wrath in Saathiya


Gopi gets admitted in the hospital. Kokila doubts Sameera is behind Gopi’s state. Kokila and Urmila come home. Kokila scolds Sameera. She says Gopi is fighting between life and death, you are responsible for all this, I will not leave you, Gopi will get conscious soon, if Gopi names Sameera, then I will not leave Sameera. Kokila is too angered. Sameera accepts her mistake. She tells Kokila that if Gopi did not fall, she would have fallen in that state. She says Gopi has saved me from falling. Sita answers a call from hospital. She tells everyone that Gopi is getting better. Sameera does not have sympathy with anyone.

Sameera comes with a new drama. She injures herself and files complaint in the women’s cell. She shows her inlaws trouble her a lot. She wants to embarrass them in front of their friends and relatives. She is ready to go to any extent to send Kokila and Gopi behind bars. She asks Gopi to be away from her. Kokila talks to Gopi. She says Sameera has done big drama and defamed me that I beat her up. Sita finds a way to cool down Sameera’s temper. She pours water on Sameera’s head. Jaggi makes fun of Sameera.


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