Anika gets cornered by Pinky’s trap in Ishqbaaz

Anika's mehendi

Pinky makes a plan to frame Anika for helping Ranveer and Priyanka marry. Pinky involves Ranveer in her plans. The family gets a big shock seeing Priyanka and Ranveer married. Shivay can’t tolerate Ranveer. Omkara feels Ranveer has blackmailed Priyanka. Omkara and Shivay’s rage strikes Ranveer. Priyanka stops them. Priyanka says Kamini is not Ranveer’s mum. She defends Ranveer and asks them to understand him. Shivay hates Ranveer. Priyanka begs her brothers to spare Ranveer. Anika asks Shivay to control his anger. Ranveer asks Shivay not to interfere between him and his wife now. Shivay gets sorrowful when Priyanka makes him away. Ranveer does not want Priyanka to bear anyone’s anger. Pinky asks Ranveer how did he come inside the house.

Ranveer rages Shivay more and tells how Anika has helped him. Shivay checks the CCTV footage and gets to see Anika opening the back lawn door for Ranveer. He asks Anika why did she go there. Anika defends herself and tells about Pinky’s plans. Shivay scolds Anika for dragging Pinky in the mess. Anika shatters seeing Shivay’s reaction. Pinky denies everything. Ranveer puts the entire blame on Anika. He thanks her for understanding his love and supporting them. Anika explains Ranveer is just lying. Pinky hits Shivay’s weakness by cornering Anika. Shivay does not believe Anika this time. Pinky’s accusations get proved right. Anika weeps when Shivay dismisses his support. Shivay does not want to accept Priyanka and Ranveer’s marriage. He beats up Ranveer and throws him out of his house. Priyanka mad in love with Ranveer, runs to him. Anika challenges Pinky that she can never separate Shivay and her. Pinky is ready to go to any extent to make Anika away from Shivay’s life.


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