IshRa manage to get Adi’s bail in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Adi and Aaliya have a sweet moment when she knows much belief in him. Adi feeds her food. He thanks her for support. Ishita asks Raman to reach the court for hearing. She knows no lawyer is taking Adi’s case. She meets Adi in the police station. She tells him about the only way left. Adi supports her. She asks him to fight his case by his own till Mihika’s lawyer friend comes. Adi tells the judge that he will fight his case. Mani finds this way very risky. Ishita assures that she will support Adi. Adi gets a hope when the man comes up to help Adi. He meets Ishita and Raman. He tells them that Adi has helped him, and he is the witness of his annulment. He is ready to give his statement. He identifies Roshni. Raman thanks the man for coming.

Ishita goes to inform Adi about the witness. Mihika’s lawyer friend also joins them to help. Raman and Ishita get glad that everything is getting fine now. They discuss the case with the lawyer. Ashok and Baweja get worried knowing Adi got a lawyer and witness too. The witness gives the statement in Adi’s favor. The man gives proof of his presence in the court office. Lawyer buys some time to prove Adi’s innocence and also expose the culprits who are framing Adi. He manages to take Adi’s bail. Ashok gets angered knowing his plan failed. He calls up Gagan asking him to keep Roshni away from Bhallas.

Adi comes home and apologizes to Aaliya’s family for the tension. Aaliya feels bad for Adi, who has stayed in the lockup and faced so much. She cheers him up. Adi feels lucky to get a wife like Aaliya. Raman and Ishita have an argument about Roshni. They feel Roshni cheated them, but for a reason. They wish Roshni says truth in court. Raman does not want to hear more about Roshni. Ishita feels Roshni lied under some pressure. Neelu tells Ishita how Roshni’s mum has threatened Roshni to lie. Ishita feels sympathetic for Roshni. Raman does not like to help Roshni, even if she is in any danger.


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