Vardaan miffed with Devanshi’s Mata avatar


Devanshi and Vardaan spend some romantic moments. Kusum Sundari is trying to bring Vardaan and Menka closer. Devanshi makes food for Vardaan. She wants to do a wife’s duty. Vardaan stops her and asks her to come with him. They have moments of peace after long time. Devanshi has succeeded to keep up villagers’ belief. She has got fine and started giving time to Vardaan.

Devanshi and Vardaan have an argument. He complains that she does not give him time and is always busy as villagers’ Mata. She gets a phone call from a villager. Vardaan gets miffed. The lady tells Devanshi about some big problem in the temple, and asks her to come. Devanshi tells Vardaan that she has to go. Vardaan does not want her to go. Devanshi makes him upset. Kusum Sundari has made the call to separate Vardaan and Devanshi.


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