Neil and Avni to keep up the marriage in Naamkarann


Avni has become Neil’s wife. Its her first day in her Sasural. Neil makes Avni ready. He helps her out. He makes her wear bangles. He adorns her. Neil and Avni have compromised with the relation. Shweta tells Neil that she will never accept this marriage and Avni as her bahu. Shweta does not want to listen to Neil. Neil tells Avni that his grandmum Bebe is coming today, this marriage is a big thing for his Bebe, she will see her bahu in you. He tells her more about his Bebe. He says Bebe did not find a good bahu in Shweta, but she can like you. Bebe’s entry will be happening. Neil wants Avni to behave well with Bebe. Avni tells Neil that he wants to keep her in this marriage to take revenge, but she knows that revenge fire just ruins things. She asks him not to hurt himself by revenge intentions.

Neil and his family shift to Mehta house. Neil has bought the house by making Neela lose by a higher bid. Avni had a dream to get Mehta house. Neil is trying to fill love in their relation. He makes her wear mangalsutra again. He hopes Avni will become a good bahu. Neil’s kind behavior makes Avni emotional. She cries feeling guilty to cheat Neil. She cries. Neil holds her tear in his hand. Neil is hurt by her cheat, but does not hold any grudge against Avni.


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