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Woh Apna Sa: Nisha is trying to use her children. Nisha and Aditya collide at the school. Nisha did not leave Aditya till now. Its a problem for Jhanvi. Jhanvi’s heart is broken. She is going away from Aditya’s life. Jhanvi changed her mind. She has taken the decision to leave from Aditya’s life. She hears Aditya saying that he does not want to marry Jhanvi. Aditya is not able to put himself in a new relation, after what Nisha did with him and his family. He is not right state of mind. Jhanvi misunderstands Aditya. She does not want to force herself on Aditya. She wants to busy herself. Jhanvi meets her father. She tells her decision to her parents that she will going away.


Devanshi and Vardaan spend some romantic moments. Kusum Sundari is trying to bring Vardaan and Menka closer. Devanshi makes food for Vardaan. She wants to do a wife’s duty. Vardaan stops her and asks her to come with him. They have moments of peace after long time. Devanshi has succeeded to keep up villagers’ belief. She has got fine and started giving time to Vardaan.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Vikram was lost in his thoughts. He left from home in tension. Anjali has taken his money, house and business. He meets with an accident. He gets admitted in the hospital. Tanvi and her dad come to the hospital to see Vikram. Vikram was hurt when Anjali did not come by hearing his accident news. Tanvi is tensed for Vikram. Tanvi’s dad gets a good news for them. He says I have spoke to the doctor, he said we can take Vikram home soon. Vikram was thinking if he gives everything to Anjali, she would change and believe his love. He has tried everything. Will Anjali change?


Ricky gets Sameera downstairs. Sameera asks him to leave her and pushes him. Ricky falls down. He asks her to get out of the house. Kokila does aarti ouja and hears them shouting. He asks her does she think she is smart. Sameera scolds him and says no girl can stay with you. Ricky gets angry and goes to slap her. They have a fight. Kokila comes and stops Ricky from slapping Sameera. Everyone witness Ricky and Sameera’s arguments. Kokila tells Sameera can think anything about me, but I can’t see anyone raising hand on my bahu, the man who raises hand on a woman is weak and coward. She says if you try to slap Sameera, I will break your hand. She asks him to leave. Ricky goes away. Kokila stops their fight.


Veer gets seated in Choudhary’s place. He tells everyone that he is the new Sarkar of Berahampur. He declares that love is a sin in his rule, and one who falls in love will be punished. Rangeela witnesses Veer’s announcement. Veer catches Rangeela and starts torturing him. Veer wants to change Berahampur, making it more worse.


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