Bhavani to risk Meera’s life in Saathiya


Bhavani has kidnapped Meera. She threatens Vidya that she will kill Meera. Bhavani and Sameera are making dangerous plans for Meera and Gopi. Vidya gets shouting and wants to know about Meera. Meera shouts to Vidya, but her voice can’t reach the family. Vidya tells Dharam that she has a proof, that Bhavani has disappeared Meera. Bhavani apologizes to Dharam for saying against Meera in anger. She says I can’t even think of doing wrong with Meera. Dharam believes Bhavani.

He scolds Vidya and says Bhavani is my wife, everyone should respect her if they respect me. Meera is tied up by chains and locked inside the mirror. Meera can see her family, but none can see her. Meera sees Dharam missing her, but she can’t justify that she is locked up inside and did not run away anywhere. She sees her babies crying and cries in pain. Vidya thinks where did Bhavani go, when she came in this room just now. Bhavani has done all this planning so that none doubts on her. Vidya will be finding Meera. Sameera tells Ricky that till Gopi stays in hospital, they can execute the plan and send Kokila to jail.


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