Omkara turns thankful to Gauri in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara is interrogated about signing the agreement in favor of Shwetlana. The officer asks Omkara about signing the prenup agreement. Omkara tells him Shwetlana is fraud. Omkara looks for Gauri. Gauri is not present at home, which leads to problems. He asks Buamaa about Gauri. Buamaa asks Omkara to treat Gauri well and not upset her. Officer wants to check if Omkara is really married to Gauri. Officer believes Omkara has got a fake wife to get rid of Shwetlana. He alerts Omkara about Shwetlana’s demands and the consequences. Omkara falls in legal hassles. Gauri comes to meet them. She introduces herself as Omkara’s wife. Omkara gets freed from the trouble. Gauri challenges the officer to prove anything if he could. Omkara thanks Gauri for coming. Gauri tells him that she has left the house on his saying, she would do anything for him. Omkara realizes Gauri is not too bad. She tells him that she has come back by her sixth sense, that Omkara is in trouble.

Meanwhile, Bhavya tries to fool Rudra further. Senior asks Bhavya to make Rudra unconscious some way. Bhavya does not want to use Rudra further. She does not follow commissioner’s instructions. Rudra asks Bhavya to come with him, he can drop her by his car. Rudra’s car is locked. Bhavya suggests him to break the glass. Bhavya breaks the car windscreen. Bhavya gets sealed as Rudra’s love partner after this scene, by keeping the Oberois’ tradition of car windscreen breaking. Rudra gets hopeful that Bhavya is the one made for him, as she has broke his car just like Anika and Gauri did. Bhavya finds him mad to get happy after seeing his car’s state.


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