Sharda to face humiliation again in Swabhimaan


Nandkishore is angry and insults Sharda. He asks Sharda did she get these sweets for him. He says I will tell you two things, then tell us why will we have sweets. He tells her that Meghna has made Kunal out of his room, and Naina has left Karan’s room. He asks is this good thing, why shall we have sweets. Meghna did not know everyone knows about Naina leaving Karan’s room. Nandkishore keeps the matter in a dramatic way. He says you found a good way to fool us, you made us eat bitter things by showing sugary things, my dad has got fooled by your Swabhimaan talks, you have spoken great things.

Nandkishore says you have seen your daughters silent, it means they are wrong, you take your Swabhimaan and also your daughters with you. He throws the sweets on the ground. He is angered that Kunal stayed in guest room. Dada ji asks Nandkishore to stop it, why did he get blind in anger. He asks him to respect Sharda. Nandkishore says Sharda would get courage now as my dad has come to support her. Dada ji asks how can you ask Sharda to take her daughters and leave. Nandkishore asks him not to say anything in between. Sharda gets worried.


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