Veer uses Choudhary’s absence in Ghulaam


Veer invites Sarpanch to his casino. Sarpanch comes there along with other panchayat members. Veer says I asked you to come alone, but you got everyone. Sarpanch says they wanted to come along. Veer says you got old, make me wear your Pagdi. Sarpanch scolds him for his huge mistake. Panchayat members point gun at Veer. Veer threatens everyone. Veer gets into an argument with the sarpanch. He asks Sarpanch to either give his pagdi or die. He gets panchayat members on his side by his fear.

He kills the sarpanch and wears the pagdi. He gets crowned as Sarpanch. Veer has become more powerful now. He does not care what his family thinks of him. He will rule Berahampur the way he wants. Berahampur belongs to him now. He will not let his family and Rangeela take his place. Rangeela and Shivani are preparing for their friend’s marriage. They put the woods in the havan kund and decorate the mandap. His friend’s fiancee comes to meet them. Rangeela asks them not to meet this way. Veer shows his tashan by turning into Sarpanch. He makes false promises to work for people’s welfare. Rangeela will be exposing Veer’s doings.


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