Dharam to search for Meera in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Dharam sees Meera’s photo in his mobile and misses her. He cries and thinks where did Meera go, why did she leave him this way. She is very close to his heart. Dharam says come back Meera, I will do whatever you say, just come back once for my sake. Meera hears him and is helpless. She can’t go to Dharam. Meera sees him crying and knocks the wall, asking him to see her by the eyes of his heart.

Dharam talks to Bhavani. He says I will make Meera leave from my heart and then become yours forever, I need some time to forget Meera, there is still some time for our union. He asks Bhavani to understand him. Bhavani calls him sweet. Everyone think Meera is kidnapped, but Bhavani has kept her inside the house. Bhavani wants to become part of Dharam’s life. Dharam tells Bhavani that he will forget Meera and start a new life with her very soon. Bhavani is happy hearing this and hugs him. She says I did not get such peace till now, our life will also be peaceful. She tells Dharam that none can come between them now. Dharam says I want to teach a lesson to Meera. Bhavani believes him.

Dharam gets to hear Vidya and Bhavani’s conversation. He learns that Bhavani is playing some games with them. Dharam says I have done a big mistake by trusting Bhavani. Vidya comes to talk to him. Dharam tells his plan to Vidya. He says I m acting good with Bhavani, I will fool her by my love and know where is Meera. Dharam wants to know the truth. He tells Vidya that he has just loved Meera in his life. Vidya is happy seeing Dharam’s love. Meera hears Dharam and gets happy knowing he just loves her and is doing all this drama to fool Bhavani.

Meera is locked inside the house. She tries to get out of the room. Bhavani goes to check Meera. Meera acts unconscious. Bhavani sprinkles water on her. Bhavani calls a doctor for Meera. Meera keeps a note in doctor’s bag, so that doctor can inform Dharam about her. Meera played this trick so that Dharam can reach her. Will Meera succeed in her plans? Keep reading.


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