Ghulaam – Rangeela initiates a love-justice war


Rangeela and Shivani are happy. They dance with everyone to celebrate their freedom and also welcome happiness for his friend’s new life. Rangeela’s friend is getting married. Rangeela is supporting his friend’s love. He wants to get the lovey dovey couple turn into husband and wife. It’s first love marriage in Berahampur. Rangeela is starting this new trend. Rangeela keeps the haldi function at home. Veer meets Khushi’s dad to threaten him. He asks the man to get Rangeela’s friend to the haveli, else he will burn Rangeela’s friend and his fiancee Khushi in front of everyone. Veer wants to stop the marriage, and also punish the lovers for going against his rules.

Veer announces that love is a sin in this rule, and the result will be death of the lovers. Rangeela tells Veer that stopping love is a sin, and now he will take the lovers reach the result, that’s marriage. Rangeela rebels again. Rangeela and Veer will come face to face again, when Rangeela stands against Veer’s unjust rule.


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