Kailash murders Ravish in Jaana Na Dil Se Door


Ravish gives the truth serum to Kailash. He wants to make Kailash say truth. He asks Kailash his motives for coming home. Kailash admits that he has fooled everyone. Ravish asks did he lay this trap. Kailash tells Ravish that he is playing this game to take revenge from Atharv by dividing the family. Ravish gets a shock realizing Kailash’s real intentions. Kailash expresses his hatred for Atharv. Kangana witnesses Kailash admitting the truth. Kailash tells Ravish how he has controlled Vividha. He wants to convince Uma. He tells Ravish that he will ruin the family. Ravish’s doubt on Kailash gets firm. Kailash tells Ravish how he has injured himself to frame Ravish and make him fall in the family’s sight.

Kailash tells him that he has done a planning to separate Vividha and Atharv. Ravish says you can’t separate them, they are like one soul. Kangana sees Vividha and Atharv coming home, and stops them from going upstairs to Kailash’s room. Vividha runs to see Kailash, knowing Kangana has lied to them. They get a huge shock on finding Ravish dead. The entire family gets sorrowful. Kailash murders Ravish. Kangana tells Vividha that her mistake to believe Kailash had made them see this day. Kailash killed Ravish as his plan’s first step to make Atharv against Vividha.


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