Buamaa to emotionally torture Omkara in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara and Gauri check Buamaa’s room after hearing Ratan’s voice. Omkara finds out Ratan’s voice is recorded by Buamaa. He gets a shock when he sees Ratan’s belongings burning. He tries to save the things from fire, but fails. Buamaa gets mistaken that Omkara has burnt Ratan’s memories. She gets much upset. Omkara feels guilty. He tells Buamaa that he did not burn anything, it just happened, he did not even know how the things caught fire. Omkara feels bad to hurt Buamaa’s heart. Gauri witnesses the moment.

Omkara leaves Buamaa alone. Buamaa has herself made the things catch fire. She sends Gauri to be with Omkara in such a depressing time. She wanted to bring Omkara and Gauri by this sorrow. She plans everything to unite Omkara and Gauri, so that she can revive her dead son. Gauri decides to leave Omkara for his betterment. She asks Omkara to lie to his family. She wants to free Omkara. Omkara feels sorrowful when Gauri gets away. What are Buamaa’s ulterior motives? Keep reading.


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