Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Savitri Devi: Priya’s mehendi rasam is happening. Veer is not happy with the alliance. Veer knows Priya loves Sanket, not Vikrant. Dadi asks him to stay back in the rasam for Priya’s sake. Veer was informed by Dadi that Priya decided to marry Vikrant. He wanted to ask Priya under what pressure she has taken this decision to marry Vikrant. He knows Vikrant is not a nice guy. He gets upset and can’t be part of a wrong decision.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Simar hugs Sanjana and asks her not to worry now, as she is between family now. Sanjana gets shaken up. Simar asks her to see everything is fine. Sanjana fears anything can happen when the truth comes out. She does not want to live in fear. She tells Simar that she does not understand how to hide the matter for long. Roshni comes there, but Sanjana acts normal. Simar asks Sanjana to forget old things and make new memories. She asks her to overcome her fears. She tells Roshni that Sanjana is afraid of exams and is worried. Roshni asks Sanjana to be confident and they all will help her in studies.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth had to take Teni for long drive and also to her favorite dhaba to please her. They reach the Dhaba. Parth orders the food. Teni eats her favorite food. Parth feels the food is spicy. Teni asks him to have lassi. They go to pay the bill. Parth gives his card to pay amount. The Dhaba owner asks him to give cash else wash the utensils. Teni and Parth get an idea and argue. Teni tells the man that Parth has forgot the wallet at home. Parth and Teni do not wish to wash the utensils.

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Chakor and Ajay are going Lucknow for their work. They don’t know Suraj and Imli are heading to same place. Imli tells Suraj that she will come along to take care of him. Suraj says its not good for her to travel in pregnant state. Imli does not want Suraj to fall in any trouble again. She knows how Suraj loses senses after getting drunk. Suraj sees Chakor at the bus stop. They all are going on different tasks. Chakor and Ajay are going to find the gun suppliers to stop the raw materials from reaching Aazaadgunj. On the other hand, Suraj and Imli are going to find about the medical scam to save Bhaiya ji from madness.


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