Gopi senses Kokila’s risky state in Saathiya…


Kokila has risked her life to save Sameera. Kokila sees Sameera caught inside the glass chamber. She runs to save Sameera and gets locked inside. Kokila falls breathless. No one is able to help her. Sameera tries to help her. She says we have to break this door, else….if she dies, blame will come on us. Sita hears Sameera shouting and comes there. She gets angry and scolds Sameera. Sameera tells Sita that even she is also trying to open the door and she is not responsible for this situation.

Gopi is in hospital and senses Kokila is in some trouble. She tells Jaggi that she has to go home right now. Jaggi takes Gopi home. They get a shock seeing Kokila losing her breath inside the glass chamber. Sameera says the door was locked when we came here, we don’t know anything. Gopi says we have to break this door any way. Jaggi gets a vase and tries to break the glass. The vase breaks. Sita, Gopi and Jaggi try everything to break the glass. Gopi asks Jaggi to please save Kokila. Sameera has put Kokila in trouble. Jaggi punches the glass and breaks it by his hand. Jaggi’s hand gets injured. They save Kokila and gets her out. Gopi hugs Kokila. Gopi says nothing will happen to Kokila. Kokila gets conscious and stable. Will Sameera’s trick get known? Keep reading.


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