Neil-Avni to recreate DDLJ moment in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

After the First rasoi rasam, Neil’s family decorates his room for Neil and Avni’s first night. Avni plans to make Neil fall asleep and adds the sleeping pills in the milk glass. Avni wakes up in the morning and does not remember what happened. Neil teases her and lies to her about their romantic union. Avni scolds Neil and sheds tears. She asks him did he not get shame to take advantage of her.

Neil reminds her that she has got the spiked milk for him, and she has drunk that herself. Neil uses this chance to fool her. Avni says there is nothing between us. Neil lies that she has come to romance with him. Avni asks him why did he not stop her. Neil praises his looks. Avni gets angry on herself and him. Neil wipes her tears and consoles her. She then realizes he was fooling her and beats him up.


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