Pinky to help out Ranveer in Ishqbaaaz


Shivay and Anika share a moment before he leaves for some work. Anika fears of losing him. He tells her that he will come before sangeet begins. He romances her and asks her to reciprocate his feelings. Anika asks him not to start it again. Pinky tells Anika that she has lost one day and now just two days are left to leave from Shivay’s life. Anika gets upset. She thinks of Shivay who wants to take their relation ahead, while Pinky is blackmailing her. She knows Shivay can never tolerate such an ugly truth. Anika makes her mind to leave from the house. She hugs Shivay’s clothes and cries. Anika recalls Mrs. Kapoor, who has once blackmailed Shivay about Omkara’s illegitimacy.

Kamini tells Pinky that she does not need her sons, Ranveer is enough for her to fulfill her motives. Pinky claims Shivay loves her a lot. Kamini laughs on Pinky’s selfishness. She realizes Pinky has no value in Shivay’s eyes, so she is taking these desperate measures. Kamini insults Pinky for not winning Shakti’s love till now. Pinky gets jealous and insecure. Pinky asks Kamini to wait and watch what she does to reply for her taunts. Kamini asks Pinky to do something to make Shivav accept Ranveer. They both understand they have to work together to fulfill their motives. Pinky assures Kamini that Ranveer will get accepted by Oberois.


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