SuKor’s hide and seek next in Udaan


Chakor and Ajay are going Lucknow for their work. They don’t know Suraj and Imli are heading to same place. Imli tells Suraj that she will come along to take care of him. Suraj says its not good for her to travel in pregnant state. Imli does not want Suraj to fall in any trouble again. She knows how Suraj loses senses after getting drunk. Suraj sees Chakor at the bus stop. They all are going on different tasks. Chakor and Ajay are going to find the gun suppliers to stop the raw materials from reaching Aazaadgunj. On the other hand, Suraj and Imli are going to find about the medical scam to save Bhaiya ji from madness. Suraj wants to prove that he is better than Ajay, and he can save Bhaiya ji alone.

Suraj pushes the vegetable vendor on seeing Chakor. The man says I have lost all my vegetables, who will pay for this loss. Chakor helps the vegetable vendor. Suraj does not want Chakor to see him and runs away to hide with Imli. He wants to prove his point. Even Chakor does not want Suraj to see her. He has challenged Chakor and wants to succeed. Chakor and Suraj see each other, but hide their tasks. Suraj does not show he is going to Lucknow. They board different buses. Imli supports Suraj and wants Bhaiya to get fine soon, hoping Bhaiya ji may stop the gun factory.


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