Teni to realize love for Parth in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth had to take Teni for long drive and also to her favorite dhaba to please her. They reach the Dhaba. Parth orders the food. Teni eats her favorite food. Parth feels the food is spicy. Teni asks him to have lassi. They go to pay the bill. Parth gives his card to pay amount. The Dhaba owner asks him to give cash else wash the utensils. Teni and Parth get an idea and argue. Teni tells the man that Parth has forgot the wallet at home. Parth and Teni do not wish to wash the utensils.

Teni and Parth get into a fake fight at the Dhaba. Teni says you always get me insulted. Parth says you have created trouble for me, you wanted to come here, what all will I remember. Teni says I m much frustrated just because of you. Parth asks her to leave him. She asks him to give her divorce today. He says I always think of your arguments, that goes on in my mind and there is no place to think of some sensible things, that’s why I have forgotten getting cash here. Parth asks Teni to take a rickshaw and leave. Teni asks him to stop rickshaw for her, its useless to have a husband like him. Parth says I m in trouble since I married you. They both shout on each other. The man gets fed up seeing their fight. They get saved from washing utensils. Dhaba man asks them to just leave. Parth and Teni continue arguing till the Dhaba man sends them out. They have a laugh thinking of their drama of fooling the Dhaba man and getting saved. Teni will be soon realizing her love for Parth.


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