Jealousy and love-hate track to stay for a while in Udaan


Chakor and Suraj buy bus tickets. They see each other. Chakor asks Suraj what is he doing here. Chakor is jealous seeing Imli with Suraj, while Suraj is jealous seeing Ajay with Chakor. Suraj asks Chakor where is she going with Ajay. She says I can go anywhere, who are you to ask me, keep your mind cool. She throws cold water on him. Imli and Ajay see them arguing and stop their fight. Ajay tells Suraj that he will take him to Aazaadgunj and put him in lockup. Imli stops Suraj. She reminds him that they have to find the doctor and change the wrong prescription of Bhaiya ji’s medicines.

Ajay reminds Chakor that they are going for catching the raw material suppliers, and she should not divert from her goals. He says we have to inform the suppliers that their raw materials are not being used for the right purpose. Imli and Ajay calm down Suraj and Chakor. Ragini does not let Vivaan follow Imli and Suraj. Vivaan gets angry seeing Imli and Suraj’s bonding. Ragini tells Vivaan that Chakor fooled them, and sent Ajay to their office, who has stolen their suppliers file. Vivaan gets a shock knowing this. Ajay likes Chakor. Imli realizes this and asks Ajay to stay away from Chakor, as Chakor and Suraj love each other.


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