Omkara and Gauri to remarry in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri takes Omkara by surprise and tells him about her drama. Omkara and Gauri romance on seeing the marriage officers spying on them. Omkara experiences the current shock by Gauri’s touch. They dance in their sangeet. Jhanvi asks Omkara and Gauri to dance. Anika mesmerizes Shivay by her beauty. He compliments Anika. Anika stops him from getting naughty. Gauri is happy seeing things normal between Shivay and Anika.

Omkara and Gauri are constantly tracked by marriage officers. Omkara thanks Gauri for help. Gauri asks him to lie to the family that she left him and his family by her wish. She thanks him for all the favors. Omkara gets saddened seeing Gauri leaving. Gauri asks him to stay happy. Omkara realizes the time Gauri has spent with him as Chulbul. Omkara gets to know about Buamaa’s bad health. He gets terrified seeing Buamaa jumping down the window. Omkara saves her. Buamaa asks Omkara to let her go to Ratan. Omkara stops her madness. Gauri holds all good memories of Oberois. She thinks to apologize to Buamaa once before leaving. Buamaa emotionally weakens Omkara. Gauri gets to see Buamaa’s trunk, which has Ratan’s memories. She realizes Buamaa’s motives when she learns Buamaa’s plan to get back Ratan by killing Omkara. Buamaa asks Omkara for a favor. Buamaa convinces Omkara to marry Gauri again.


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