Zee TV’s Mini Spoilers

Zee Spoilers Block Hits 21st June 2019

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani: Raj and Rani arrange a small celebration to cheer up Sakshi and normalize her. Raj and Rani make Sakshi cut the cake. They try to make her mood better. The family celebrates. Sakshi gets happy seeing the cake and balloons. Raj feeds the cake to Sakshi. Raj thanks Rani for this idea. Rani looks stunning. Raj asks Rani for dance. Rani does not agree to dance with him. Raj is trying to impress her. Raj disappears to see if Rani cares for him. Rani gets worried on getting a note and runs to find Raj.

Piya Albela:
Naren lies on the nail bed. His back gets wounded. Pooja does aid to him. Pooja asks him not to hurt himself by such spirituality. Pooja has much hold on Naren. Naren finds her words striking. He runs and gets the pooja plate to do aarti of Pooja. He tells her that she is very special to him. Pooja’s gyaan works on him

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya suggested the idea to make a fake snake and scare goons. Abhi does not think this idea will work. Pragya asks him to help him. He tells her that goons will laugh on them. She convinces him. They together make a snake by twisting a cloth. Abhi calls her talented to make such a real looking snake. Pragya ties him back and asks him to shout for help loudly. Abhi and Pragya’s romance and fun moments are back. Abhi has saved Pragya. Abhi screams seeing a snake. The goons think why is Abhi screaming. Abhi shouts that snake will bite him. Goons go to save Abhi from snake. By the twist, the fake snake saves Abhi and Pragya from the goons. Pragya asks Abhi to run. They manage to run away. The goons try to kidnap them again.


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