Kokila and Gopi realize Sameera’s dangerous plan in Saathiya


Gopi and Jaggi have united. Sameera’s birthday is celebrated. Everyone is happy. Gopi does her special preparations for Jaggi. Gopi’s beauty mesmerizes Jaggi. Jaggi compliments Gopi. He looks at her with love. They have a talk. The kids come and disturb them in their sweet moment. The kids take them to the party. Modi bhavan has much happiness. Everyone does not like Sameera. They all are celebrating by heart for Gopi and Jaggi’s union. There is much dance and fun in the party.

Pinku prepares a dance game for Sameera and Ricky. Jaggi and Gopi also perform in the party and spoil Pinku’s plans. Pinku has planned something unexpected. Sameera takes care of the guests. She is very happy. Pinku gets the cake for Sameera. Kokila gets a doubt when she sees the gun powder in kitchen. Kokila and Gopi are also prepared for answering Sameera. Modi family gets together to fail Sameera’s plans. The cake gets exchanged by Modis. Sameera and Pinku did not know about the cake swapping.


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