Rangeela’s misery gets high in Ghulaam


Veer stops pandit from going to Rangeela’s place. Rangeela says pandit ji promised me he will come, but I knew Veer will do something to stop the pandit. Shivani asks Rangeela who will get the marriage rituals done. Rangeela asks Tiwari ji to change clothes and come to do pandit’s work. Tiwari helps the couple and does the pandit’s duty. Rangeela is happy that his friend got finally married. Veer cuts the power line to stop the marriage. Rangeela arranged the generator and asks his friend to put the search light towards their house.

Rangeela manages everything well. Shivani recalls her marriage with Rangeela. She dreams taking wedding rounds with Rangeela again. Shivani imagines Rangeela happily marrying her. They both have a romantic moment. Shivani gets glad. They all pose for pictures. Rangeela clicks the photos and congratulates the newly weds. Rangeela gets Phantom and Khushi married. He has fulfilled his impossible promise. The news reaches Veer. Phantom and Khushi get death punishment by Veer. The lovers get killed on Veer’s orders. Rangeela turns much sorrowful. He swears to change Berahampur.


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