Dayavanti hunts for Avni’s truth in Naamkarann


Avni and Neil take care of each other. They have much concern and emotions in heart. Neil falls asleep. Avni sees him, looking innocent like a kid. Avni cares for him. She is coming close to Neil. She respects Neil as he is supporting her a lot. Dayavanti wants to check if Ananya is Avni, and how did she come out. Ketan switches off the lights in the house. Neil says Dayavanti knows you are with me, she will do something that will help us catch her red handed. Avni has ended all the pretension. Avni does not lie to Neil anymore.

Avni’s secret was known to Neil. Now, they both are together fighting for justice. Neil gets hurt. Avni does not know her feelings, but cares for her. She does not know its love or not. Avni does the aid to his hand. Their relation turned friendly now. They are coming close. Bebe and Shweta bring a twist in the story. Shweta takes Avni for Shuddikaran, as per Bebe’s wish. Avni keeps the fast and does Shuddikaran puja. She does not let Neil know this. Shweta lies to Neil that she took Avni for a walk. Will Dayavanti find Avni? Keep reading.


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