Dharam rescues Meera’s life in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Meera tries to run away from Bhavani’s clutches. They both have a fight. Meera tries to shout to Dharam and run away. Bhavani stabs Meera. She takes the wounded Meera outside the house. She buries Meera alive in the backyard. Bhavani is jealous of Meera and Dharam’s love. Bhavani does not want Meera to come between her love story. Her game gets over when Dharam comes there. Dharam angrily asks Bhavan where is Meera. Vidya and Shravan show the unsettled ground. Dharam and Shravan quickly dig the grave and get Meera out. Bhavani goes to hit Dharam. Dharam sees her and pushes her away. Dharam slaps Bhavani and scolds her. He calls police and gets Bhavani arrested. Dharam hugs Meera and rushes her to hospital.

Meanwhile, Sameera’s birthday party goes on in Modi bhavan. Gopi gifts a saree and necklace to Sameera. Sameera creates a drama. Sameera burns her dupatta and screams. Pinku blames Kokila for doing this. Kokila asks Pinku to stop it, we are not so cheap to do such a thing. She scolds Sameera for her bad doings. She said I have understood Sameera’s drama, Pinku wants to insult us in front of our guests. Pinku says you have really tried to burn Sameera. He defames Modis. Kokila requests Sameera not to blame them for wrong thing. Sameera calls her lawyer and NGO women and complain about Kokila. Kokila tells them that she has nothing to do in Sameera’s activities. She defends herself. Gopi and Jaggi support Kokila.


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