Bhavani returns to take revenge in Saathiya


There is much drama in Modi bhavan, because of the video, in which everyone see Kokila trying to kill Sameera. Daima acts as Kokila in the video. Sameera sheds tears and cooks this drama along with Pinku. Gopi and Jaggi’s celebrations get ruined, as Sameera separated them by the shocking twist. Everyone blames Kokila. The family tries to save Kokila, but they fail. Kokila does not know why Sameera has come with a bad intention. Kokila and Gopi land in jail. They get slapped and beaten up by the inmates. Kokila and Gopi stand for each other. They don’t get the food. Kokila and Gopi bear everything, as they have to win over Sameera. They take few steps back to take a good leap. Inmate takes the roti from Gopi’s plate.

Gopi and Kokila ask the inmate who is she, why did she put ghunghat. Its’ Bhavani who is troubling them in jail. Bhavani is their old enemy. Kokila slaps back Bhavani. Warden beats up Kokila for getting into a fight with Bhavani. bhavani tells Gopi that she will make her life hell.

Meanwhile, Jaggi and family plan to scare Pinku. They have thought well to break Sameera, Ricky and Pinku’s team by divide and rule. Sita has suggested this idea. Jaggi says Ricky and Pinku will not come in our team. Jaggi threatens Pinku and asks him to tell truth, who is dressed up as Kokila in the video. Pinku begs Jaggi to leave him.


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