Devanshi and Vardaan to meet post leap


Devanshi will get a leap of one year. Vardaan will be seen in a new avatar. Vardaan has become Dharmic and got good equations with Kusum Sundari. He will be seen working for the temple. He will be changing to a very different avatar. Vardaan has gone through a lot by the past happening, when Devanshi died by falling down the cliff. Vardaan is getting close to Menka. Kusum Sundari asks Vardaan to give a chance to Menka. Vardaan is believing Kusum Sundari a lot. His enmity with Kusum Sundari ended.

Some big incident happened, by which Vardaan loving his mother Kusum Sundari. He thinks to give Menka a chance in his life. On the other hand, Mohan gets married to a female dog. Kusum Sundari is making him do this. Mohan is following her orders. Mohan is doing this to make his Grah dosh fine. Kusum Sundari has become Jwalapuri’s Godmother again. She rules the village and is happy to get rid of Devanshi.

Devanshi will also be seen in a new avatar. Devanshi fell down the cliff and was assumed to be dead. Devanshi takes the modern and trendy look. Devanshi has taken the new identity Kalki. She will be coming back in Vardaan’s life. Vardaan will be meeting Kalki. Devanshi as Kalki will ruin Kusum Sundari’s kingdom. Devanshi and Vardaan’s contrast personalities will be the new twist.


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