New entry to challenge Avni in Naamkarann


Neil gives the bouquet to Bebe and teases her. Bebe pulls his ears. Shweta and Bebe confront Avni for the lipstick mark on the glass. They ask Neil and Avni what did they have. Avni has kept the Nirjala fast and maintains it. Neil tells Bebe that Avni did not have food, when he prompted her to have the food. Bebe gets impressed with Avni. Shweta’s plan to get Avni scolded by Bebe fails. Bebe goes to Avni and asks her why did she not come down for breakfast. Avni is handcuffed by Neil. She hides the handcuffs and tells Bebe that she has fever. Bebe takes care of her and feeds her food. Bebe worries for Avni. Shweta too feeds the soup to Avni. Avni could not say anything to stop them. They get to see Avni’s handcuffed state. Bebe says Neil would have done this naughty thing.

Shweta asks why did Neil do this, will this handcuff be here till Neil comes back. Avni says I wanted to go out, Neil was busy in work, I told him I will go alone, so he has locked me here. Bebe asks Avni not to worry and opens the handcuffs by her hair pin. Avni thanks and hugs Bebe. Avni hides from everyone and goes to Ashish’s room and recalls her world’s best Papa. She cleans the room. She cries seeing their photos. She gets her old script. She learns Ashish’s love for Aisha. She recalls all the old incidents. She gets much emotional and falls down dealing with the storm in her heart. Someone will be entering the Mehta house, claiming to be real Avni. Avni has to be prepared for the new challenge and prove herself.


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