High Five Spoilers

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage: Misri and Deep’s marriage will be seen. The marriage day brings many emotions for Misri and her family. Misri gets ready as the bride. Aru helps her out. Misri gives Mukhi’s responsibility to Aru. Misri trusts Aru a lot. She understands Aru will not let Mukhi emotionally down after her bidaai. Aru assures Mukhi’s well being to Misri. Misri and Deep exchange the varmala. Mukhi wishes Misri a happy future and blesses her. Aru disappears from the wedding. She gets a note from someone. She gets curious to know about her sister. She thinks to meet Anshul and come back in the wedding soon. Mukhi and Aru finally reach the mandap and conduct the marriage rituals for Misri and Deep. Aru had left from the marriage in between. She comes back and relieves Misri’s tension.

Shakti: Harman wakes up and is happy finding Soumya beside. His face glows by a sweet smile. He asks Soumya why is she worried. Soumya is worried by the new problem. Some uninvited guests make her upset. Soumya recalls a past moment and is hurt by the kinner’s words. Harman asks Soumya why is he caring for society and people, it does not matter what people think and say. Soumya attends the guests. Preeto introduces Soumya as her bahu.


Sameera trapped Kokila and Gopi in domestic violence case. Police comes to Modi bhavan and arrests Kokila and Gopi. Gopi says it’s all false, Sameera is lying, we are innocent. Kokila says everyone knows our family, we can’t bear torture of any woman, how can we torture our own bahu. Sameera sheds tears to gain sympathy. Kokila and Gopi try explaining that Sameera is a fraud. Jaggi worries and tells Kokila and Gopi that he will come to police station and get the bail. Sameera’s brother Pinku says its important that Kokila and Gopi stay in jail so that Sameera stays alive. Jaggi asks Pinku to just shut up, and prove his words if he has some evidence.


Suraj and Chakor miss the bus. They land back to the same dhaba. They have food. They don’t have money to pay. Chakor asks Suraj how did he order food when he had no money. He asks her to sit. He tells her that they have to act to get saved. He acts drunk. She asks him to leave her hand and leave from her life as well. Suraj says I want to get some freedom from you, I m fed up. He sits drinking. Chakor asks him to throw the wine bottle. They both argue. Everyone witness the typical husband and wife fight. Chakor says this man does not know respecting women, we missed the bus, and he is dancing here with this bottle.


Shweta makes a plan against Avni. She asks Avni to keep a fast to impress Bebe. Neil likes the food made by Shweta. He finishes all the food, while Avni looks at him. Neil asks her to have food as well. Avni gets much hungry, but can’t have food. Avni keeps the fast on Shweta’s saying. Neil teases her by praising the food. He asks her to have food, he will not tell anyone. Avni stops herself by recalling how much Bebe trusts her. She says you think I m fat and I should do dieting, then why are you tempting me to have food. Neil tells her that he does not believe in fasts and all.


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