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Sasural Simar Ka:
Anjali meets with an accident. Simar and Vikram receive a huge shock seeing this. Anjali gets much wounded. Simar and Vikram take her to the hospital. Simar fears Anjali would leave her forever. Vikram tells Anjali that he has come to her. Vikram worries for Anjali.

Chandrakanta is finding the real murderer of Surendra. She meets Jaidutt there. Earthquake occurs. Jaidutt runs away from there. Chandrakanta did not know the place. Strange things happen there. She does not understand what’s happening. Chandrakanta gets scared seeing a Chudail in a cave. She asks the Chudail who is she. Chudail disappears. Chandrakanta fails to get any info from Jaidutt. Jaidutt did not stay back. Chandrakanta gets to know Shyamal has killed Surendra Singh. She cries and thinks how to prove her innocence. She learns Virendra’s life is also in danger.

Jaat Ki Jugni:
Pratap requests Bau ji to let Munni live her life the way she likes. Bau ji gets angry on Pratap and tells him why he is taking such decision for Munni’s betterment. He does not want Munni to go against her brothers for Bittu’s sake. Bittu’s mum got Suman home to break Bittu and Munni’s pairing. Suman is planted by Phoolkumari. She is Bittu’s old friend. Suman likes Bittu and wants to marry him. Phoolkumari does not want to make Munni her bahu.

Piya Albela:

Pooja feels Naren is everywhere around. She wonders if she is in love with Naren. She respects Naren a lot. Naren took reciprocates her admiration. Naren and Pooja are meant to be together. Pooja has fallen in love with Naren. She realizes her love. She does all the arrangements to confess her feelings. She calls Naren for the date. Naren meets Pooja and asks her about the special arrangements. Pooja gets a letter to give him.

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After Phantom and Khushi’s death, Rangeela realized the pain of losing someone dear. He apologizes to Rashmi for killing her fiance. He breaks down during Phantom and Khushi’s last rites. He gives the fire to the funerals.


Beyhadh is taking a leap again. Maya will be seen in another new avatar. Maya looks very different. Samay asks Maya to come along with him, else he will burn her car. Samar threatens her about killing himself if she does not accept his love. Later, Maya is seen in hospital. Maya spots a woman getting tortured. She gets much upset. Arjun hugs Maya. Maya fears she will be given same treatment for her mental illness. Maya is worried for her child. Maya does not want to stay in the hospital. Maya asks Arjun to take her from the hospital. Arjun’s love will be making Maya fine.


Mohan gets married to a female dog. Kusum Sundari is making him do this. Mohan is following her orders. Gopi does the pandit’s work. Mohan is doing this to make his Grah dosh fine. Kusum Sundari has become Jwalapuri’s Godmother again. She rules the village and is happy to get rid of Devanshi.


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