Neil turns into a supportive husband in Naamkarann


Avni wears Neil’s shirt. Neil laughs seeing her. It gets embarrassing for her. Neil compliments her. Avni gets angry seeing him laugh on her. She says I told you not to laugh on me. They have a pillow fight. She tells him that she will complain to Bebe if he laughs. He asks her to go. Neil finds her upset and apologizes to her.

Meanwhile, Shweta makes a plan against Avni. She asks Avni to keep a fast to impress Bebe. Neil likes the food made by Shweta. He finishes all the food, while Avni looks at him. Neil asks her to have food as well. Avni gets much hungry, but can’t have food. Avni keeps the fast on Shweta’s saying. Neil teases her by praising the food. He asks her to have food, he will not tell anyone. Avni stops herself by recalling how much Bebe trusts her. She says you think I m fat and I should do dieting, then why are you tempting me to have food. Neil tells her that he does not believe in fasts and all.

Avni does not break the fast as a good bahu. Shweta tries to trap Avni. She leaves her lipstick marks on the glass. She shouts and asks Bebe to see the glass, Avni has broken the fast. Avni tells Bebe that she did not drink water, she kept the fast. She proves her innocence. Avni goes to Ashish’s room and sees his pictures. Avni sheds tears, while Neil consoles her. Neil turns much supportive towards Avni. Will Ashish return in Avni’s life? Keep reading


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